Welcome to Atlantic eBanc Global Systems.

Atlantic eBanc Global Systems and its technical partner; Tata, offers Mobile Money solutions which put feature-rich services at the fingertips of users worldwide, covering the full spectrum of Mobile Financial Services (MFS), mobile wallet, mobile commerce, recharge, promotions and agent management.

For more than 30 years, we have been a source of innovation for telcos and financial institutions. Using carrier-grade, next-generation technology, we align with the requirements of customers around the globe.

Together with MasterCard and BICS, we are a joint venture partner of the HomeSend global payment hub, enabling cross-border money transfer between mobile wallets, cards, bank accounts or cash outlets from anywhere in the world.



Atlantic eBanc Global Systems and its technical partners; Tata’s Atlantic eBanc Platform, is a complete recharge solution to manage every aspect of a distribution and sales network, from profile...

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Remittance is the act of sending money. It can either be domestic (within a country) or international (across national borders). Ongoing growth in migration has led to significant, continuous rise in ...

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Mobile Money

As mobile phone markets worldwide reach a new age of maturity, operators and financial service providers need forward thinking solutions which exceed their subscribers expectations. The world of Mobil...

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