Atlantic eBanc Global Systems and its technical partner; Tata, aim to provide solutions. Our solutions can be rapidly developed and deployed to allow our customers to succeed in changing markets. This customer-led approach to our business enables us to provide our customers with the ability to quickly create and launch new services to lead and innovate in their markets.

The ubiquity and convenience of the mobile phone is changing the lives of people worldwide. The mobile is enabling people to connect not only with each other, but with the services and information in increasingly innovative and dynamic ways. Mobile phones are becoming the most used technology in the world with more than 5 billion connections.

As the mobile phone market landscape evolves, operators, financial institutions and consumers are rapidly embracing new opportunities. Our pioneering Mobile Money solutions allow Service Providers to capitalise on the trusted relationships with their customers and retail agents to deploy industry leading services ranging from recharge and payments to mobile commerce or international money transfer. We offer full end-to-end and any account to any account Mobile Financial Services and international money transfers.

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