As MFS evolves rapidly, Mobile Money operators and agents that can guarantee the closure of transactions for subscribers, will achieve the requisite scale.

The LMS allows transacting agents to have total control of the rebalancing of their float. This solution gives them persistent access to E-money or E-Value at a click of a button, essentially, from their operational tools.

Solving the liquidity management challenge, is one of the next big issues facing Mobile Money providers around the world. None of the players, even the most prominent in the Mobile Money market, have figured out solutions that will work across the country. Even global remittance companies have not solved this issue.
The trade-off is to have customers return another day. It is not surprising, that the challenges are exacerbated in rural areas.

The situation in Africa today is no different, about 98% of MFS (Mobile Financial Services) retail agents complain of not being able to guarantee the completion of transactions on time, mainly because they are not rebalanced on time; either by the SA or MA (Super Agent or Master Agent).

This issue has persistently been a high barrier for subscriber adaptation for MFS as against physical cash; which continues to provide high value in terms of availability.

Our LMS is reversing this trend by making agent float management fast, easy, secure and reliable.