Atlantic eBanc Global Systems was at the 6th edition of the Remittance and Mobile Money Expo. at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Nigeria.

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The conference was hosted by MobileMoneyAfrica, Africa’s leading resource for mobile financial inclusion. The firm had hosted other leading events such as the mobilemoneyexpo series in the last five years. The conference focused on areas that covered key topics such as challenges and opportunities in the African remittance market, enhancing regulatory frameworks that affect remittances, improving on identification systems for cash out efficiency, lowering cost and improving efficiency at the last mile.

It also addressed the role of postal network and non-bank financial institutions on expanding remittance services in Africa, the emerging role of digital remittances such as mobile money, online transfers and crypto-currencies in lowering remittance cost for Africans.

The conference was aimed at creating a more competitive market place for players to foster and deepen their engagements across the ecosystem.

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Interaction with some keynote speakers.

The master of ceremonies, leading discussions on how stakeholders can reduce cost on remittances.


Emmanuel Okoegwale, Principal Associate at MobileMoneyAfrica.

Emmanuel Okoegwale from MobileMoneyAfrica addressing delegates on enabling low-cost transactions across Africa.


Michael Grantson, CMO for Atlantic eBanc Global Systems with Ebenezer Okoegwale.

Two gentlemen that have been part of the Financial Inclusion drive in Africa over the last decade. Michael Grantson was part of the leadership team that won the 2013 Kalahari award for Best Mobile Money Deployment in Africa.