Feature-Rich Mobile Financial Services

As mobile phone markets worldwide reach a new age of maturity, operators and financial service providers need forward thinking solutions which exceed their subscribers expectation. The world of Mobile Money is rapidly evolving, building on successful services such as airtime top up, recharge, money transfer and bill payment to extend advanced Mobile Financial Services into any market.

Our Atlantic eBanc Platform platform is an end-to-end solution for Mobile Money and Mobile Financial Services. It offers the full spectrum of mobile wallet, mobile commerce, recharge and agent management features.

In emerging markets, the option of a mobile wallet provides subscribers with access to easy-to-use Mobile Money services such as cash-in/cash-out, bill payment, domestic money transfer, salary disbursement as well as access to micro-finance services such as insurance, savings and loans.

In more developed economies, mobile commerce provides a convenient way to make purchases via alternative payment methods, such as NFC contactless or QR code payments.

Our comprehensive Mobile Money platform, Atlantic eBanc Platform, is an end-to-end solution, bridging the cash world with the Mobile Financial Services ecosystem. Atlantic eBanc Platform can be deployed in a closed loop configuration where the service provider holds all the subscriber, agent and merchant wallets or in an open loop configuration integrating with the existing payment ecosystem, ATMs and coupled with the service provider branded prepaid payment cards. In an end-to-end open loop implementation, Atlantic eBanc Platform integrates with legacy payment networks, enabling purchases directly from the mobile wallet, using contactless NFC payment terminals or existing legacy POS terminals through a linked plastic card. The option to offer a card which links to the mobile wallet allows for quick adoption of Mobile Money while the payment infrastructure evolves to accept direct mobile/contactless payments.

Key features

Atlantic eBanc Platform transactions

  • Cash-in/cash-out at agents and ATMs
  • Domestic (peer-to-peer) money transfer
  • Money transfer through the HomeSend hub
  • Payment at a merchant
  • Bill payment: postpaid, utilities
  • Companion prepaid card
  • Micro-finance: insurance, savings and loans