A comprehensive electronic & voucher recharge solution

Our Atlantic eBanc Platform is a complete recharge solution to manage every aspect of a distribution and sales network, from profile definition to incentive management.

Atlantic eBanc Platform includes a full featured prepaid account recharge solution. Operators can centralize their recharge needs for both their electronic and physical scratch cards, from a single point, regardless of the network or distribution mode. They can also offer direct recharge through their retailer network, enabling a dramatic reduction in distribution costs. Several programs can be offered in parallel to address different market segments.

Atlantic eBanc Platform offers a single platform consisting of all the required tools to efficiently build and manage recharge programs for all telecom usages: airtime, SMS, MMS, etc.

  • Vouchers can be offered as physical scratch cards or electronic vouchers
  • Electronic recharge through eVoucher or direct recharge via the operators retailers network
  • ATM recharge
  • Distribution and sales network management: agent network definition, commissioning and sales performance management
  • Web administration tools

Recharge security

Atlantic eBanc Platform recharge uses a secure cipher-PIN generation algorithm (CB10) with PIN length from 8 to 22 digits and DES-encryption for print files.

Electronic recharges

Electronic recharges are secured by PIN code, limits on balances and transactions, and other additional fraud management features.

Market leading recharge features

  • Electronic recharge via retailers
  • Bill payment at retailers
  • Voucher management: scratch cards, electronic vouchers
  • On demand and any amount vouchers
  • Sales network management: groups, profiles, etc.
  • Security: voucher encryption, electronic recharge by PIN code, limits, etc.
  • Reporting via Web GUI and batch file
  • Choice of access for the user: mobile handset (SMS, USSD, STK, WAP, DTMF), landline phone (PSTN), ATM, Web

A modular approach

By adopting a modular approach, our solution gives operators and financial service providers the option to build offers which are optimised to their needs. The Atlantic eBanc Platform is an end-to-end solution providing operators with the ability to grow their service and deploy new features as their subscriber base matures.

In addition, all Atlantic eBanc Platform solutions (open or closed loop Mobile Money, voucher and electronic recharge) can be activated independently or in a combined mode.

Agent Management

Our solution includes all the necessary features to manage complex networks involving many agents who act as registration/cash-in/cash-out and/or recharge points, from defining specific profiles for agents to implementing tiered commissioning plans that ensure results.

By allowing multiple tiers of management, operators and banks are able to work through a hierarchy of agents in order to reach the street selling market.

Atlantic eBanc Platform has a proven track record of successfully managing up to 350,000 agents and more than 600,000 transactions per busy hour.