Atlantic eBanc Global Systems and its technical partner; Tata, provides ongoing support to operate at maximum potential worldwide, 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. This is possible because the Tata support team is organized in such a way to ensure proximity to our customers, with a global Support call centre, level 2 & 3, and locally-based support teams.

For access to the Customer Support Portal, please email:

  • Customer configuration database  your support contract allows you to access a record of all the solution software that we have installed, from initial project installation through to maintenance release versions and upgrades. It is complemented by the relevant user and technical guides for each specific version.
  • Online monthly reports  we deliver your comprehensive monthly reports online every month containing a summary of fault status.
  • Customer Support Portal  this allows you to log and track faults easily and promptly.
  • Documentation  our documentation links allow you to keep abreast with the latest documentation and download relevant aspects of the document as you require.
  • Customer support queries and help: please contact Global Support at